Why Case Studies Are Good For Your Business

  Posted by: FreshCut
An interview shot from a shoot in London featuring the first model for H&M wearing a hijab.

The business world is a crowded market, now more than ever. When it comes to setting yourself apart, you’ll need to find new and exciting ways to present your company to potential customers, whether you are marketing towards individuals or other businesses. Case studies can form a vital part of your digital promotion strategy, for several reasons. A case study is essentially an up-close and personal story about one element of your business, and they can be used to focus on customer satisfaction, your latest innovations, your charitable work, or anything else you want to highlight. Of course, when it comes to filmed content, quality is king, so make sure to work with the best video production company you can find. As a premier specialist film agency based in Oxford, we can ensure that your case studies promote your business in the best possible light.

Entice Clients to Find Out More

The number one priority of any case study is to make potential customers want to find out more about your business. These are not holistic examinations of your business, they are outward-facing, giving short, detailed snippets and insights into your work. The ideal case study will leave the viewer clicking through to your website, intrigued by what they’ve already seen and wanting to learn more about you and the work you do. This is one reason why filmed case studies are superior to written articles. Content created by a professional video production company such as ourselves can prove far more engaging for digital audiences, helping to entice people towards your business.

Filming interviews on RED Cinema cameras.

Explain Complex Topics Clearly

Another benefit of case studies is that they allow you the chance to give audiences a primer in the unique methods and techniques your business might use. This is particularly useful for software or technology companies who might be using cutting-edge systems that can often feel bewildering for outside eyes. By using a case study to clearly take an audience through a step-by-step process for a specific product or outcome, you can help people across the world to see and understand the complexities of how you operate.

Set Yourself Apart

If your business is engaged in particular community-focused and charitable schemes, a case study is a great way to promote this and let it influence your public image. For example, this case study for Intuit Quickbooks highlights their support for the Code First Girls initiative, a fantastic scheme teaching young women to code. Using case studies to share your charitable endeavours with a wide audience can have a great effect when it comes to your public image. Let everyone know about your company’s ethos, and attract new clients who care about the ethics of where they put their business.

Interviewer asking questions preparing the interviewee for the first take.

Highlight Your Success Stories

When your customers are happy, you want the world to know about it. As an experienced video production service, we know that testimonials, reviews, and positive case studies are all vital when it comes to building a loyal customer base and increasing the reputation of your business. By conducting interviews with satisfied customers and collaborators, you can build a case study that backs your business up not just with facts and figures, but with a personal touch as well. Have you helped a client solve a particularly vexing problem with their own business? Has your product changed someone’s life? If so, a personalized case study is the best way to build on your success. 

Present the Image You Want

As a business in any industry, it’s important for you to have a striking and unique brand image so you can stand out from the crowd. However, when it comes to digital outreach, the ability to share this brand image through curated and unique content is vital. Using case studies, you can present detailed and precise information to your audiences in engaging and humanising ways. People connect with stories more than any other way of delivering information. Operating out of Oxford, a cultural, academic and business hub, our video production company builds great case study videos of all types, helping you to create the perfect narrative that will connect with audiences and promote your business.