Intuit QuickBooks asked us to come in and produce a series of sustainability films to release in the run up to COP26. This meant organising shoots in the USA, UK and Asia simultaniously – while keeping a consistent look and feel to the content. The timelines were tight on this one, with the shoots happening in September and the editing in October – it was a busy couple of months! In total there were 8 main films, with various cutdowns for different social channels. They are being released weekly as we write this, so we’ll update this post with the other films as they release.


This campaign won 13  awards at Nyxawards including 4 grand winners and 6 golds.

For Jenny at Three Trees, sustainability is more than just producing her vegan alternative milk. It’s partnering with green suppliers, sourcing ingredients, using fully recycled packaging, and much more.

Amanda from Saffron Designs GB knows a thing or two about being sustainable. We could all get better at figuring out ways to minimise our waste and using recycled materials when producing our products.

Caron was shocked to learn how much plastic there is in chewing gum. Simply Gum was born out of a need for a natural and sustainable alternative. When businesses decide to go green, it’s all about the small changes that add up to the bigger picture.

Jayne and John from The Kentish Soap Co. began their journey to sustainability by first looking at how their ingredients were sourced, then tackling their packaging.

Tommie and Rebecca from @BambuuBrush are taking on plastic pollution by challenging consumer behaviour. They believe that one simple change, multiplied by millions, can change the world

Brian knew it wouldn’t be easy doing things differently at Smile Natural Products, but being all-natural, toxin free, no-plastic and as sustainable as possible has been rewarding for his business.

Adam from Trash Amps knows that for many businesses sustainability means rethinking how they’ve operated for ten, twenty, fifty or more years. But with a bit of creativity and determination, the benefits are massive.

As Eleanor from The Edinburgh Larder points out, being a sustainable business often means supporting your local economy. This way you start to drive change and start to see the impact first hand.

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