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Our camera teams are rock solid operators with the social skills to match - filming Worldwide!
We are Passionate about Shooting

Professional Filming Services

Video productions come in many forms, and we are experienced at shooting anything from online adverts to complex medical procedures in hospitals.

Commercial Video Shoot Equipment

Our in-house equipment list is extensive and includes fantastic cameras such as the Sony FS7, Canon C300 Mark II, Canon 1DX Mark II and Sony A7s Mark II – with a full complement of high-end lenses, lights and audio equipment.

Corporate Filming Services Oxford

For bigger budget commercial projects, we shoot on Red Digital Cinema cameras for that extra bit of quality and post production versatility that really shines on the big screen.

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We are Passionate about Shooting
Sometimes We Need to Think Outside the Box

Red Digital Video Production

When filming the indoor skydiving shoot for Virgin Experience Days, we had to get a camera into the wind tunnel. The Red Digital Cinema camera we were using for most of the footage would simply have blown away if we had taken it inside.

Slow-Motion Shot Filming Services

We weighed up a few different options and in the end decided the Snorri rig with a GH5s was the best option for capturing the iconic slow-motion skydiving shot we wanted with our actor’s cheeks flapping in the wind.

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Sometimes We Need to Think Outside the Box Sometimes We Need to Think Outside the Box Sometimes We Need to Think Outside the Box
Another example of a slightly unorthodox approach occurred when we needed to track a Ferrari with zero camera shake.

Typically, for lower budget shoots, we have an operator tracking with a gimbal from a follow car, but for this one we thought the result would be better if we attached a Black Arm to the follow car and controlled the camera remotely from inside. We were right!

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Sometimes it’s All About Keeping Things Simple
Beyond the action-packed shoots, we film interviews and pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate the whole process to help our clients spread their message with video.

Not everyone feels confident about speaking on camera, and we excel at guiding interviewees through the whole process in a warm and friendly manner that helps them give their absolute best and importantly, achieve their goals.

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Sometimes it’s All About Keeping Things Simple
High End Commercial Look
High End Commercial Look

Oxford High-End Filming Services

For a high-end commercial look and feel, we will bring in a Director of Photography from our trusted pool of first class freelance talent, carefully selected for the task.

Oxford Commercial Video Production

If you are planning a car commercial, we can bring in crew from Top Gear. If you want us to film reality TV, we’ll bring in crew from Geordie Shore.

We truly believe that using specialists over generalists is the difference between great and amazing.

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Presenters Create Extra Content for Your Videos

Presenter Video Production Oxford

We love presenters! They’re great fun to work with, always make shoots more interesting and add value to the end result. For event videos, having a presenter to lead the video, introduce the event, and interview participants is so much more engaging to watch than a typical video montage to music.

Street Interview Video Production

Street interviews have also become a lot more popular recently, with brands often sending presenters out onto the streets to speak to the public about anything from their political opinions to which ice cream they prefer!

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Presenters Create Extra Content for Your Videos
Drones Bring Production to the Next Level

Drone Video Services Oxford, UK

We shoot on the DJI Inspire, a dual-operated powerhouse paired with the X5 camera that enables us to match drone shots to ground shots with ease. The aerial perspective offered by drones adds great production value to shoots, for a fraction of the price of hiring a helicopter.
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