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Fresh Cut is the culmination of a passionate team, a crafted process, and the burning desire to overachieve.
Fresh Cut is a specialist video production company helping brands harness the true power of video.
Fresh Cut is a specialist video production company helping brands harness the true power of video.
Founded by Harry Pill, a video producer/production manager with 10 years’ experience in the production world, Fresh Cut takes a lean, targeted approach to video production.

We keep the in-house team lean, crewing jobs from our pool of tried and tested specialist freelancers, handpicked for the specific challenges each production presents. Our business model achieves huge savings; our clients get more for their money with Fresh Cut.

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Video Production Agency

For online content, corporate videos, TV commercials and everything in between, we are here to get the job done. The structure of our video production agency enables us to give creative support and development as well as full service video production. We take the time to truly understand each client’s needs and goals in order to offer a tailored service designed for maximum impact, on time and on budget.

Broad Spectrum of Services
We provide a broad spectrum of services - alongside video we also provide stills photography, from product photos to headshots and event coverage.

We will be your organisation's media partner operating like a media department of your own business, letting you reap the benefits of having a media team on speed dial without the heavy expense of maintaining an internal video department.

Your production – we have it covered. Our in-house project and production managers will run every aspect of your production. From script editing to style guidelines, briefing to delivery; in fact anything related to moving or still images.

Broad Spectrum of Services
Extra Level Of Creativity
Outside the typical ground cameras used in most productions, we also love challenging shoots that require that extra level of creativity to get the shot. We can provide custom rigs for specific filming situations, such as car rigs, heavy lift drones, robotic arms, cable cameras and skydiving rigs. Anything's possible with the right planning and the right team.
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